Our Buildings & Grounds

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Our Dioceses

All Saints is a member of the Diocese of Nevada.  You can learn more about our Diocese at Of course, the best way to learn about our Church is to come and meet one of our Clergy or Staff. They would love to tell you more about our rich history and fellowship of Churches across the world.

Our Documents

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Our Financial Oversight

We review our finances weekly in the Financial Committee meetings. The Director of Finance, Fr. Rafael Pereira, chairs this committee and provides the reports. Our treasurer, Sandie Beattie, audits and oversees the mechanisms and procedures for our deposits and accounts payable. We offer weekly reports to the community at large. Our goal is to be transparent and provide a clear and concise picture of our finances at all times.

Our History

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Our Mission, Values & Vision


To know Christ and to make Christ known!

Kililanin si Kristo at ipakilala si Kristo!

¡Conocer a Cristo y dar a conocer a Cristo!


Celebrate God, Cultivate Growth, Communicate Love!


Worship – Experiencing music that is excellent and grounded in tradition, liturgy that is historical and relevant, and services that involve participation of the parish at multiple levels;

Diversity – Appreciating and celebrating the differences in cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, generations, citizenships, and perspectives.

Hospitality – Sharing radical hospitality with all who visit and attend All Saints Episcopal Church; and

Community – Loving and respecting all people, and their expression of singleness or family, with fellowship and education for all throughout their spiritual journey.

Our Safety and Security

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