“Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above . . .” James 1:17, NRSV

Every message about our pledge campaign begins with Gratitude, and I am so very grateful for all the ways that our parishioners met the challenges of this year, and found ways to share a community of love and joy with our neighbors.  Thank you.

Our stewardship campaign theme this year is “Every Perfect Gift” and reminds us how every thing that we receive and everything we give comes from God.  Gifts can consist of time, talents or treasure.  Talents, the blessings with which we are imbued by our creator, are even more beautiful when freely given, as I have seen you do so often in our Christian life together.  Each of you has something you do well, and I am grateful that you share those talents with our community and our neighbors.

You will hear from members of the stewardship committee about Every Perfect Gift.  Expect to receive pledge materials the week of November 9th.  Stewardship Sunday, when we turn in our pledges, will be November 21st, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  I thank you for sharing your gifts with us.


Donald Johns, Senior Warden