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Epicenter Food Bank


Gibson Middle School

Gibson Middle School is located right across the street from All Saints.  For years we have partnered with the administration of Gibson to provide school supplies and fulfill various needs that have been requested to touch the lives of students there.

We consider it a privilege to serve our community by serving one of the most important institutions of our community; our schools!  If you would like to help with our Gibson Middle School outreach please stay tuned for our regular opportunities to give and serve. https://www.rogibson.org/

Immigration & Refugee Ministries

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Internet & Marketing

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Our Missionaries, Russ and Heidi Smith

Fr. Russ and Hiedi Smith are our missionaries to Peru in South America.  They have faithfully served urban and rural folks throughout the country for over 20 years.  Missionaries like the Smiths not only bring the good news of Christ to people in other parts of the world but they also serve people by meeting needs and building lasting relationships.  Fr. Russ serves with S.A.M.S. (link) which is an Anglican Mission agency dedicated to taking the Gospel of Christ to the world in word and deed.  https://samsusa.org/?s=chile

Nevadans for the Common Good


Recovery Ministries

We really believe in recovery at All Saints.  12 Step programs are effective ways to over come the intensly strong pull of addictions.  People with addictions, whether in recovery or not, can attend All Saints knowing they are not judged, looked down upon or marginalized.  We have an Ladies Narcotics Anonymous group that meets on our campus as well as a Gamblers Anonymous group.  We are also looking forward  to more groups as well as hosting a recovery focused interfaith service in the future.

If you have questions about recovery, please email or call Denis Winslow.

Socks of Care

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Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice



Episcopal Relief and Development