Annual Picnic Pictures

On June 6th All Saints held our annual picnic at Spring Mountain Ranch

The Catch for May 2015

Alls Fair 2015

Summary of All Saints Parish discernment process

All Saints Episcopal Parish Discernment Overview Summary notes from our three discernment sessions Summarized by Douglas Gregg We began by asking the questions, “Why do we exist?  What is the ‘heartbeat’ of the parish?  How do we want to be known?” And there was general agreement that we want to reconnect more powerfully to the […]

Update on New Rector Search

Here’s the posting for the Rector search on the National Episcopal Website 4/1/15 – Priest In Charge Under Special Circumstances (Las Vegas) | April 1, 2015 | What are you looking for? Priest In Charge Under Special Circumstances What’s the name of your church or organization? All Saints Episcopal Church Where is the job site […]