Sunday BBQ 6/30/13

Alls Fair Pictures

Alls Fair!!!

Alls Fair will be May 18th beginning at 6:30 PM. Tickets are $5 or $15 for a Family of 6.

Please bring a side dish or dessert.


Picnic 2013 Pictures

Services on May 5th

Services will be held at All Saints’ at the regular times for those who don’t attend the picnic at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.

Those attending the picnic can arrive any time after 9. We will be in the group picnic area. This is a state park and there is an entrance fee of $7 per car (with Nevada plates). Eucharist at the picnic will be at 11:00 and there will be coals for cooking after the service. Please bring a side dish to share and your own drinks and utensils.

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