Bishop’s Forums

Bishop Edwards would like to hold two open forums to discuss the transition at All Saints’. Please try to attend either Saturday, February 7th at 3:30pm or Thursday, February 12th at 5:30pm.

Annual Meeting

The parish Annual Meeting will be held on February 8, 2015. On that Sunday the 8:00 and 10:00 services will be combined into a single service at 9:00am. The Annual Meeting will immediately follow that service.

Christmas Services

The Christmastide Schedule of Services

Christmas Eve

5:00 P.M.                    Sunday School Christmas Pageant

5:30 P.M.                    Holy Eucharist with Carols

7:00 P.M.                    Santa Misa en Español

10:30 P.M.                  Pre-service Music with Choir and Soloists

11:00 P.M.                   Festive Celebration of the Eucharist with Choir

Christmas Day

10:00 A.M.                  Solemn Holy Eucharist with Hymns (Incense will be used)

Annual Picnic

Our annual picnic in the group use area at Spring Mountain Ranch will be held on Sunday June 1st.  Worship will begin at 11 AM.  Entrance fees are $7.00 per vehicle with a NV license plate and you can arrive any time after 9 AM.

Bring something to share and something to grill – the charcoal will be lit and grills ready for your use after our 11 AM worship service.  You also need to bring plates, utensils, condiments if applicable, drinks, etc.  PLEASE NOTE that we are HOLDING OUR USUAL SERVICES AT THE CHURCH with ONE EXCEPTION.  Our services, including the one at the picnic, will be as follows:

Saturday, May 31st:  We will have our regular 5:30 pm service

Sunday June 1st:

One service in English at 9 AM (in place of the regular 8 am and 10 am services)

Service in English at 11 AM at Spring Mountain Ranch

Services in Spanish at 11:45 AM and 1:15 PM

3:30 pm Sunday in English and Tagalog.

November Catch


Before going to seminary, I did water rights work for a consulting firm in Carson City, Nevada. My prior boss kept saying that he couldn’t quite believe I wanted to leave behind my career in water rights. I had spent more than 20 years learning, and being challenged, and finding satisfaction, and my decision to leave had not come easily. So I would smile and tell him that I still planned on doing water rights but the spelling would be slightly different – water r-i-t-e-s instead of water r-i-g-h-t-s.

In the sacrament of Holy Baptism the candidates are adopted by God as God’s children and made members of Christ’s Body, the Church. The bond that God establishes in Baptism cannot be broken. On No- vember 3, 2013, the Sunday after All Saints’ Day, we had the joy of a baptism at both of our morning worship services. At the 8:00 AM and the 10 AM worship services, respectively, Nicholas Guy Kubajak and Kristiana Marie Evans were sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked as Christ’s own for ever”.

It seems appropriate that we hold onto the memory of this recent sacramental day as we enter into the Season of Advent – the season where we quiet our minds as we wait and as we prepare for the incar- nation. In our Gospel readings for the Second and Third Sundays of Advent, John the Baptizer will point us toward Jesus. During the baptism of Nicholas and Kristiana we were pointed toward Jesus too. Nicholas with his captivating smile reminds us how much we are adored by God. We are called to return the love we receive to God and to those we encounter in our day to day lives. Kristiana with her assurance and delighted giggles reminds us that we belong to something that is much bigger than we can imagine. We are called to find comfort and delight in God’s presence.

May God bless you as you wait and prepare for the birth of our Savior during Advent.

And may the joy of Christmas be born anew in your hearts and in your lives.

In His Service, Rev. Carol

By Will Rydell

As I walked into the church at 8:00pm in early October, I could feel the charged atmosphere. The 16 or so people were all chatting noisily, obviously excited. I picked up the new music and saw the reason. They had been working on a complex score and had pulled off the harmonies. They were not perfect, but all were impressed with the sound, the feel and the timing. It was easy for me to feel God’s presence in the room.(it is a church after all!) but what was it that was so special? It was a group of people united, working together, for a common goal- the harmonious praising of God’s Glory. It was the whole being much greater than the sum of the parts, and the effect on everyone was startling. And so it is with much that we do here at All Saints. The fall season is especially intense, starting with October Fiesta leading through Advent. The Stewardship campaign attempts to capture this feeling of accomplishment and belong- ing through unity and make it last throughout the year. I get this feeling with almost every act of service that I perform. All Saints is about to get a huge boost with the addition of another service. While some adjustments and growing pains are to be expected, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve people’s needs and create lifelong relationships with God, amongst ourselves, and with our physical plant.(It is a church, after all) I strongly recommend that we all look inside ourselves and find new ways that we can contribute our time, talent and treasure to our church. May we all be thankful for our many blessings and focus on the great abundance that God has blessed us with here at All Saints. In His Service,

Will Rydell

Something Significant Happened at the All Saints’

Vestry Meeting in November!

The vestry adopted these basic assumptions about Stewardship

  • Stewardship is about changing lives.
  • Stewardship involves joyous acts of thanksgiving in
    response to all that God has given us.
  • Stewardship programs are guided by grace and not guilt.
  •  We are God’s stewards. What we do grows out of our relationship with God.
  •  Stewardship is about invitation, relationship, hospitality and commitment.
  • Stewardship is fun/
  • Stewardship is not about increasing the budget of All Saints.
  • Most importantly, “If you’re not talking about Jesus, if probably is not stewardship.”Please say yes when your Captain calls you to invite you to worship on the weekend of December 14-15 for “Stewardship Education.”
    Luncheon will be served December 15 after the 10:00 am service.
    Commitment Sunday is the weekend of December 21-11


Information Needed for the Office

Please make sure that your family information is current! Let the office know when you move, change your phone number or email address, and if you add family members.

The best way to update your information is to email :

All Saints’ Briefs

by Barb Jackson

St. Margarets Guild will be selling their annual Christmas cook- ies on Sunday, 22 Dec after the 8:00 service. We will also be serving breakfast, to include eggs, sausage, muffins, fruit, juice, and fruit. A Free Will Offering will be collected for the breakfast.


Brotherhood of St. Andrew recently installed the new sails that shade the memorial garden between the church building and the nursery area. They planted new shrubs, that were donated by a church member. Soon the memorial garden will be a lovely place to meditate.

Brotherhood meets at 8.30 AM on the 2nd Saturday of every month. We meet in the Nursery. Newcomers are welcomed to attend.


Please leave donated water in the back of the church so Bill Halpin can collect on Sundays to bring to the food pantry at Christ Church.

Plastic Food for Nevada Partnership for Homless Youth

Before Thanksgiving All Saint’s was able to collect more than $100 in gift cards for fast food restaurants to give to teen age children who are homeless.

Many youngsters find themselves without a place to live for a number of reasons. Some suffer from homelessness because their parents have lost their home because of unemployment, illness, or just not able to meet their expenses. Some teen agers who are not able to live with their families become “couch surfers,” living with friends and moving frequently. What ever the cause for homelessness, teen agers are espe- cially vulnerable. The plastic food option (gift cards for fast food) helps youngsters who may not have cooking facilities or knowledge to have a hot meal when school is out.

We will continue to have a basket in the back of the church to collect gift cards. Please be generous.

All Saints’ is Growing!

Dear All Saints’ Faith Community,

Please join me and the Vestry in welcoming another Spanish speaking service to All Saints’. A core team of dedicated individuals and an active youth group will bless our walls beginning November 24th. The service will be held at 11:30 am, and the 12:30 pm service will be moved to 1:00 pm. This would not be possible without all of you. Our diverse community has the unique ability to open up our doors and our hearts and, as a result, we bring forth God’s reign.

Rev. Carol

Christ Bell
(author unknown)

I am God’s child (Rom. 8:16)
I am a light in the world (Phil. 2:15)
I am sealed by God (II Cor. 1:21-22)
I am bought with a price (I Cor. 6:19,20)
I am a saint (set apart for God) (Eph. 1:1)
I am a personal witness of Christ (Acts 22:15)
I have peace with God through Christ (Rom. 5:1)
I have been saved in order to bear fruit (Rom. 7:4)
I am a member of the Body of Christ (I Cor. 12:27)
I am a citizen of Heaven living on earth (Phil. 3:20)
I am free from any charge against me (Rom. 8:31-34)
I am seated with Christ in the heavenly realm (Eph. 2:6)
I have access to God through the Holy Spirit (Eph. 2:18)
I am a minister of reconciliation for God (II Cor. 5:17-21)
I cannot be separated from the love of God (Rom. 8:35-39)
I am assured all things work together for good (Rom. 8:28)
I may approach God with freedom and confidence (Eph. 3:12)
I have been crucified with Christ and He liveth in me (Gal. 2:20)
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13)
I am God’s temple (I Cor. 6:19). I am complete in Christ (Col. 2:10)
I have been justified (Rom. 3:24). I am hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:3)
I am God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works (Eph. 2:10)
I am confident that the good work God has begun in me will be perfected (Phil. 1:6) I am redeemed and forgiven (Col. 1:14). I have been adopted as God’s child (Eph. 1:5)
I belong to God.

Do you know. Who you are?

Dear Family in Christ,

We are grateful for your support and welcoming of the Latino people to be part of the All Saints’ faith communi-
ty. Thanks to your support, prayers, and blessings, after seven years the Spanish speaking service has grown and is bearing fruits. We look back to our beginnings and we are grateful to God and to all and each one of the members of the All Saints’ church for your unconditional love and support.

I want to thank you for your support, because without you another service wouldn’t be possible.

Fr. Bernardo

by Emma Jean Gregory

On the second Saturday of each month, Fr. Bob Nelson celebrates a healing service and Eucharist at All Saints’. Every- one is invited to attend these services. In Romans 12, Paul says that worship is our praise to God, a living sacrifice, the work of the people. Healing services are worship services that focus on our movement toward wholeness while acknowledging our brokenness and need for God. While it is true that all worship can be a healing experience, the special liturgy of the healing service emphasizes the preeminence of the healing aspect of worship.

One need not be sick to benefit from a healing service. The service reaches out to those in different places of physical and spiritual need and allows us to gather as a worshipping com- munity, inviting the presence of Christ and the action of the Holy Spirit.

Please join us at 8:30 a.m. on the second Saturday of each month beginning in January.


I had a request from the diocese to write about our affil- iation with Gibson School. I was startled to learn from my own notes that our partnership goes back at least to 2005 and possi- bly even farther! That is 8 years! Amazing! That is probably lit- erally a ton of school supplies you all have donated through the years! Give yourselves an All Saints pat on the back!!!

And speaking of donations to Gibson School: I delivered another vanful of donations to them this Monday morning! They were very grateful… many backpacks, boxes of paper, binders, pencils and other school supplies disappeared into the school, all carried in the hot desert sun by two of the middle school girls. The counselor Emelia Sandivol tells me that their school has hit over 1200 students this year! They continue to have problems with kids arriving needing showers, feminine hygiene products, etc. so toiletries are an ongoing need. Even snacks (healthy ones!) You may continue to bring school sup- plies a while longer, but the weatherman assures us that the mornings will start getting chillier and the need for sweatshirts will soon take over! Remember: sweatshirts need to be X or XL; unisex; and NO pictures or slogans or writing on them!

We worked with our Crayola/scissors on November 30 at the church to get our snow people ready for the Christmas tree! Don’t know if we can manage without Gladys Patrick this year but we will try! The Christmas gifts will be distributed on the 20th at the Food Pantry. As in the past you will need to get however many gifts you want for whatever ages children you desire, buy your gift, return your unwrapped gift in a gift bag with the wrapping separate, and place under the tree the following wee. These gifts will be distributed to parents who come to the food pantry who cannot afford Christmas gifts for their little ones (and even their teens!).

We are losing volunteers at the Food Pantry and they are not being replaced! Please: if you have ever considered volunteer- ing, now would be a good time! Just two hours: 10-12, on Fri- days… once a month… that is all… even if you work, maybe you do shift work and are off in the mornings, we would love to have you help us! And some of you new retirees!

Much to do in the furthering of His kingdom… join us!

In His Name… Joan McClenahan, Outreach Chair

Veterans Honored in November

We honored our veterans at the services . Some of our Veterans still look sharp in their uniforms long after they retired from active duty.